About Us

Blue Ocean Biosystems, Inc. , headquarter on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, was founded in 2014 to identify, specify, elucidate and validate the physical and structural characteristics of oolitic aragonite, a polymorph of calcite,  as well as its potential mechanisms of action in a broad range of use domains. Based on our patent-pending process, and our proprietary blends of a variety of carefully calibrated additives, we are able to enhance and focus the attractive features of the mineral to provide natural and cost-effective solutions in a variety of environments.

We obtain our raw material from a 500-square mile harvesting area off of the coast of Ocean Cay in the Bahamas, through an exclusive relationship we have with one of our partners who possesses a harvesting right granted to him from the Government of the Bahamas. This harvesting area yields an especially pure form of oolitic aragonite, and is exclusively available to our harvesting partner, who has signed an exclusive supply agreement with us. This license is one of a handful of licenses granted by the Bahamian government to harvest oolitic aragonite, and it gives us a step up in an already small club of oolitic aragonite harvesters, ensuring that we have steady access to the mineral.


The ability of oolitic aragonite to act as an adsorbant, and as a microbial carrier,  among other functionalities, provides us with a broad range of potential application, and our propriety methods allow us to significantly bolster the natural capabilities of the mineral. Accordingly, our range of solutions continues to expand.

We continue to invest in research with outside parties to inform our understanding of the mechanisms and modes of action of oolitic aragonite, so that we can develop solutions that are based on established fact rather than user anecdote.

If you would like to hear more about our work with oolitic aragonite, or would like to explore its potential for providing a cheap, natural and effective answer to your problems, please contact us.

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